Q&A With The Fabulous Jawda Sisters

We caught up with the beautiful and multi-talented Sarah and Saba Jawda, two young designers based in Houston. Since we collaborated on a chair from their JAW[LINE]© Collection, these girls have been taking the design world by storm. I am super excited to see what they do with their careers. 


What first inspired you to get into design?

Our family is creative and we were always encouraged to express ourselves through drawing and painting from a young age. That translated into numerous art classes, projects and jobs that eventually led to starting our company in 2009 and a furniture line, the JAW[LINE]© Collection that we couldn’t be more proud of!


Who and what are your biggest influences?

Our biggest influence comes from traveling and our cultural background. There is so much to see once you get out there and really look!


How does interior design translate into other aspects of your lives? 

We are very creative and are always looking for new and fresh ideas. That goes from everything to design, how we dress ourselves, and the food we eat. It’s all connected!


Who are your style icons?

Our style icons range from architects, fashion and interior designers to florists and furniture-makers.


What is your dream job? 

Hotels, yachts, jets, entire cities… To be honest, any project where we get to do what we love is a dream project of ours!


What is one thing you refuse to skimp on?

Furniture, rugs and art – when you skimp, you will most likely have to replace soon so better do it right the first time for the best and most long-lasting results.


If you weren't designers, what would you be?

Fashion Designers that specialize in LBDs.


What are some current trends you would advise clients to invest in?

We don’t really follow trends we focus on the client’s own style and help them invest in things most important to them.


Who are your favorite artists?

CY Twombly, Jeremy Geddes and Picasso


You girls are multi-talented and multi-taskers. Do you find working together allows you to cover so many bases? How do you manage a successful partnership?

We are lucky that we work really well together. One will see what the other doesn’t and we compliment one another’s work. Together we work efficiently and we combine our creative talents to achieve our cohesive brand looks.

What is one piece of advice you have for young designers?

Work hard. Be patient. Repeat. 


What is your life motto?

 Do not go where the path may lead, go where there is no path and leave a trail. –Ralph Waldo Emerson


Simple or ornate?

Mixing both for sure!